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Hottonia question...

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A question for you out there growing Hottonia palustris. My Hottonia (thanks Tom), grows very bushily, close to the surface, then the stems seem to break off before they get more than 4-5 inches high. There also isn't much of a root system to the stems. Is this the normal for Hottonia? If not, any suggestions? Prior readings from Gori on AB's database, state that it requires a lot of Fe and traces. Tank's a 29 gal, co2 injected, 75W lighting. I'd been dosing traces at 1.5ml and iron at .75ml 5 times a week. The other 2 days, it gets 6ppm NO3 and .75ppm PO4.

Thanks in advance.
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NO3, NO3, CO2, CO2.
Up your CO2/NO3.

Tom Barr
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