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I am trying to get as much light on my 75 gallon aquarium as posssible without adding CO2, because I simply can't afford it right now.

How hard is it to control algae between 2 and 2.5 WPG without the addition of CO2 or Excel?


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Thank you! If there is something I left out let me know.

It is a 75 gallon, river pebble substrate, the age of the aquarium is about 2 years.

Before adding the few plants I have now I had always run the light about 12 hours a day. But that was with just the 40 watt T-10. Now I also have a fixture that I made with 2x 32watt T-8's.

And I was thinking about adding another. Making it about 2.2 WPG total.

Fish Load:

1 red tailed shark
4 gold dojos
2 clown loaches
2 blue rams
1 gold ram
2 botia striatas
1 common pleco


ph - 7.2
kh - 3 or 4 (varies)
gh - N/A
nitrates - 40ppm
amonia - 0
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