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How can I make it work?

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Well, I want to link to the WWF website, and how come the image doesn't appear only a link? How do I make it work?

Here's the link:
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The text to do the above uses both the url and img tags.

Syntax (braces used instead of brackets to illistrate text)

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For some reason I still get what you see in my sig?! :? Plus, it's supposed to link to the WWF site not to the pic.

Art, can you hack into my profile and fix it?
Fixed, also fixed sample text.

Simply copy the sample text and replace the { } with [ ]
Here's the direct link I orignally from WWF:

Update: Now I got an X...don't know what to do, but the link works. Thanks for your help! :D
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Thanks a lot! I don't know what was the problem, how'd you do it?! :)

Now anyone willing to make a donation to save the endangered species of this world.
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