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Timers are my "CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT".
I wouldn't have any type of regular light or Co2 schedule without them.
I could leave the Co2 on 24/7, but not the lights.

Then my Metzenbaum scissors and ADA pinsettes M.
I have many pairs of scissors and tweezers and use them all for different applications, but
those are the best of the bunch.

Of course Pressurized Co2, but I have NON CO2 tanks, so with them I can live with out Pressurized Co2, but they still need the light timer.

There used to be timers that are exactly like the Coralife Digital with one difference, they DO NOT have the two yellow banks that turn on when the others turn off (day / night), and you could get them EVERYWHERE. (note, I could only find the analog Coralife Copy timer to display)
You could get them at Target, Wal*Mart, Home Depot, Ace and Lowes and sometimes even in the grocery store. Nwt they are not sold at any store I know of. You CAN find them online but they cost about the same as the Coralife, $20 to $25 so for the few extra bucks, it is nice to have the OFF CYCLE power outlets for moon lights and for air pumps if you like to aerate your tank.

But back when they were starting to disappear from the shelves, I got two of them for $4 each at Target. About 2 years later, they are still alive and kicking and accurate as always. I tried for the next few months to hit every target I had NOT been to while out and about looking for more.
I even hit wal-marts and any time I was in a home depot or lowe's, I was looking for them, but never did find another one.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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