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How did you find APC?

  • Web search/surfing

    Votes: 470 52.3%
  • Friend told me about it

    Votes: 110 12.2%
  • Linked from another site

    Votes: 200 22.3%
  • From a contest running on APC

    Votes: 4 0.4%
  • Stumbled across it

    Votes: 87 9.7%
  • Can't remember

    Votes: 27 3.0%
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well lets see. first I decided i wanted to plant my tank so i logged off of DAOC and logged onto the Internet (wow this place has grown). goggled for planted aquariums and found from there i followed a few other links from Google (skipping all the auction sites and such). eventually i found fishgeeks forum (haven't used forums before that one). after looking through a great many of the posts following a great many links to see what people were referring to. many of those led to plantgeek forum threads. so i started reading those forums and following those links and i started posting there and then on fishgeeks. i asked a question and was referred to this site. so here i am not only do i have MTS i also have MFS :rolleyes:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts