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How did you find APC?

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  • Friend told me about it

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  • From a contest running on APC

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  • Stumbled across it

    Votes: 87 9.7%
  • Can't remember

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re:how did you find APC?

I found this forum by doing a search on aquarium plants.Found a BILLION , chose this one. :^o I also chose plant geek. :rolleyes:
I'm new to the planted tank hobby;although I've had fish tanks off & on for a number of years.I was so tired of rocks & caves(hate plastic & silk plants).So I thought I would try live plants.
Started out with Elodia(?annachorus?),horn wort,java moss,and crypt-bronze.
Well,I found out that elodea needs TONS of light,Eclipse 6 just doesn't cut it!
Horn wort grows like a weed(anybody need some).
Java moss is messy and clogs filters & plants.
My crypts are slow growers and stay green.

I've also added 3 tanks-30 long planted,
-27 hex,
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