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How did you find APC?

  • Web search/surfing

    Votes: 480 52.7%
  • Friend told me about it

    Votes: 111 12.2%
  • Linked from another site

    Votes: 202 22.2%
  • From a contest running on APC

    Votes: 4 0.4%
  • Stumbled across it

    Votes: 87 9.5%
  • Can't remember

    Votes: 27 3.0%

How did you find APC?

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Whether you're new to APC, or have been around since the beginning, tell us how you first found the board.
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I came upon your website while google searching for some Waldstad setups. I was surprised to see Diana Walstad was a active member. :)
looking around the web for fish information :canada:
Alternative to the overbearing over moderated
on TPT
I was using the Plant Finder extensively while setting up my new tank. I finally noticed `Forums`, and here I am.
I'm very new here. I found app while searching for EI dosing and new tank info.
I'm so glad I found it. There is so much good info here.
I was searching the interwebs gathering information on planted tanks and using dirt and stumbled across this form and have been pouring through the vast amounts of information =)

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I searched for "Planted Aquarium Forums" and here I am. :D
I was searching for information for plants in Wisconsin Biotopes
I was exploring Low-Tech and Walstad tanks.
I pretty much started my planted hobby here. Learned much of what I know from this site. Utilizing information and then correcting and fine-tuning on my own.

Great site with a nice group of people moderating who aren't overbearing and are here for the betterment of the hobby.
I found this site while looking for info on planted tanks. It just kept coming up over and over with good advice and posts. Glad to find it!
Couple of friends told me about it! :D
Diana Walstad's book mentioned the El Natural forum here as a place to find answers to questions. I was so excited to find her here as a moderator!
After reading Ms. Walstad's book and reaching out to her for advice.
Hello all the way from the philippines. :) i found out bout APC through my friends here who are also into aquatic plants. :)
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When I am searching the review of clay soil on google. I got so informative content on it. Therefore I registered on it.:geek:
DuckDuckGo search for "walsdat method" a few months ago. I know I spelled the name wrong... but that's how I found this place. 🤓
I've been coming back multiple times so I made an account. Great info/discussions... thanks!
I was googling for how to identify Cryptocoryne when i saw a link to a thread in here
Whether you're new to APC, or have been around since the beginning, tell us how you first found the board.
I found APC through Diana Walstad's book and website!
261 - 280 of 284 Posts