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How do I get wood...

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Not that kind of wood, get your minds out of the gutter!!! :p How do I get wood to stop leaking brown? I bought a super nice peice of wood and have been letting it soak in a 5 gallon bucket for about 2 weeks now. I change the water in it every day twice a day. When I refill the bucket, I use the hottest water my bathtub will allow in order to hopefully expand the pores to get the color out faster. Should I put a power head in the bucket to move water through the pores? Should I put a heater in there to keep the water hot and pores expanded? Is there some other method that's better? Patience is not one of my strong suits when it comes to this lol I really want to put this peice of wood in my tank! Thanks for any advice that anyone has.
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1. Big pot of water and boil the piece of wood. Salt, pepper to season prior to taste. You might have to do this a couple of time.

2. Dishwater minus detergent. Cascade if you don't care for spots:p. Your wife might kill you when she sees the mess.

3. Pressure wash.

BTW J/K about the salt and pepper and cascade part.

You might need to am dechlorinator, depending on your municipal water.

Hope that helps.
Depending on the wood it could take weeks or months. I don't think a heater is necessary, but a small power head with some carbon will speed up the process. I agree with Dr. ****enstein, use dechlorinater because the wood might absorb some of the chlorine. When the wood doesn't leak as much tannins I usually put it in the tank and change out carbon frequently, a little tannin won't hurt at all unless you are running heavy co2 and your water isn't buffered.

If that fails just pop a Viagra pill in the bucket and call it good:p
Put the wood in the tank and get some Seachem Purigen and stick it in your filter, it will absorb the tannins.
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