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I agree with the 'spit shine' theory for algae eaters, at least in my tank. I've got a 125G heavily planted tank and, in order for fauna to keep it clean, I would need more algae eaters than my filtration could easily handle when considering the amount of cichlids I also keep. For gentle cleaning I've found that Nerite snails seem to do the best job for me. I haven't ever seen one damage a plant and, just the other day, watched one completely clean some Anubias leaves of fuzz algae, leaving it spotless with no damage whatsoever. I also use Malaysian Trumpet snails to help remove detritus and keep my fairly deep substrate aerated. They haven't been able to sustain any out-of-control levels of reproduction due to my cichlids' fondness for bite-size escargot :) What do you guys think about inverts for algae control?
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