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How do you trim your plants?

  • Digg'em up, cut for hight then replant

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I just got a hold of a bunch of Amano's aqua Journal, and since it could not sleep this night, I have been up since 03:00 am reading pages after pages. Lot's of great info here!

But, the thing I notices was that Amano recommend agains digging up your plants and replanting the top to keep them in tip top shape. He recommends only trimming (atleast in AJ no. 34) to keep them in good shap an the right height. I usually end up trimming my plantes only a couple of times, before I just dig them up, cut out the bottom part then replant the whole thing. How do you guys go about with this?

Also, do you ever trim to keep them in perfect high, or do you do a major trimming weekly og biweekly and then let is grow back into shape?
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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