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How do you trim your plants?

  • Digg'em up, cut for hight then replant

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I too don't favor pulling up plants as this really disturbs the plant. The plant has to re-grow all new roots every time you do this. Remember, first rule is to have healthy plants.

That said, trimming is very important to maintain healthy growth. You will note that Amano trims his plants below where he wants them to be. This takes into account the growth habit of the plant. As you may know, trimming a stem may result in two or three new shoots from that stem. This is a great way to create a bushy look from few plants, but also may not be what you intend.

For example, if a rotala is positioned behind a rock and he wants it to be 2-3 inches above the rock, he will trim it about an inch below the rock's top. This will allow for the plant to grow and the viewer won't be able to see the stem that has 2-3 shoots growing from it.

On the other hand, if your grouping is front and center, you may not want to have a visible stem with 2-3 shoots growing from it. In such instances, you have no choice but to replant.

Trimming is something that needs to be done often. This prevents a large disturbance to the tank and makes it easy to train plant growth. ADA staff trims their tanks daily.

When I had time :) I would trim every few days. Of course, this takes into account that plants are growing that fast.

Some prefer to have a slower growing tank and trim less often. You will probably go through different phases until you find what works for you and your tank.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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