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No. You cannot fight nature.

Males are territorial and will defend the nest area (which can include the whole tank) from all other fish, even females of the same species.

Odd for females only to be so pushy, but not unknown. Try adding more stuff so they cannot see each other. Each can have half the tank.

Best way I have kept them is ONE Gourami (any sex, any species) per tank.

3 spot and all the color variations: A single male claimed all of a 6' long, 125 gallon tank. The only fish that would stand up to him were some Jewel Cichlids.

Moonlight: My male was OK with the first female, he grew up with her. When she died and I added another he chased her almost to death. I had to separate them.

Pearl: Generally more peaceful, but still only one per tank. I had one pair that were OK together, but only that one pair.

Honey: OK 1M + 2F in a 29 gallon (30" long) tank, with lots of tall or floating plants.

Snakeskin: 1M + 2F in 6' long tank. Lots of hiding places, but they are often together, or at least close enough to see each other.

Betta splendens: IME a single male or several females are OK community fish as long as no one nips his fins. This is not always the case. Some males are too aggressive, and can only be kept by themselves. Some females are almost as aggressive as the males, but generally several females will get along just fine.

Sparkling and Croaking: I have only ever tried one per tank, but with other species of fish (no other Anabatoids) and they were OK.
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