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How do you use your tests?

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I always have the following problem, do you keep the vials attached to the surface of the color chart to make the color estimation (there is shadow in this case and the color gets darker), or you keep the vial in a small distance so much as not to have this shadow interfere with the color of the liquid. Also which of the 2 test would you prefer for NO3 reading? Aquarium Pharmaceuticals one or Sera? Sera gives me a reading of almost 10 ppm higher than Pharmaceuticals. I am confused which is nearest to reality? Ideas? Tests like Lamote or Hack are out of reach here with almost 120 Euros price for each one in the local market.
Thanks in advance :)
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I use AP. It's not the best kit out there but serve its purpose. The reading jump from 0-5-10... But that's good enough for my need. The easy way to read the color is to look at the bottom of the vial. The color is very obvious there. Just do the test under white flourescent light :D
Do you keep the vial in contact with the color chart surface?
I don't but just do whichever easier for you. It's a bit tough to read the color in the beginning but after you do several tests, you may not even need the color chart no more (all in your head already :D ). I don't even use color chart now to get the result of both nitrate and pH test.

Just try it. Peek from the bottom of the vial. The color is very obvious unlike when it's viewed from the side.
Nino what I want to know is what is the proper way to hold the vial according to AP if anyone knows and if the results from sera are more to the spot than this from AP, otherwise I use the test for long time myself looking at it from the side though, it is not specified in the leaflet what is the proper way to hold it and this is what I want to know.
Thank you though :)
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