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How does Cyperus Helferi progagate?

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Not even sure if this is there right word for it :oops:

My question is, how does this plant multiply? Runners, polination? It's seems to be growing in my tanks, but I'm not sure if it's just growing in size, og if it makes tiny tiny runners or something. Can anybody please tell me?
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Since Cyperus helferi is rosette plant, it will propagate through rhizome division.
rhizome division.
And this would be :oops:

Sorry, my english vocabulary don't hold that word :) But if I should make and educated guess, I would say that's like the amazon's does it? A twig thingi that grows out of the plant and start growing tiny new speciments?
Yeah I guess you could describe it that way :)
It sends out runners at the base of the plant.

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