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How high should the lights be...

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This questions goes out to all the people who have flowered a lily under CF, or any light for that matter.

My question is how high your lights were/are and did they burn the flowers or leaves?

Also what were/are the lights and what size is the tank.

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I had lilies flower in my old 55 gallon with two 2x55 power compacts. The lights were about 6-9 inches from the water surface and no burning occurred. Hope that anwers your questions.
That helps. Wish I got some other opinions, but Thanks! 8)
Justin, I just placed a growing lily bulb in my tank. It has already developed many stems with leaves, including that goes to the surface. However, now that leaf is underwater because the tank it's in is deeper than the one it was in before. I don't think this one will get any chance to flower any time soon as the lights sit directly on the glass cover.

I do, however, have another lily growing in my backyard pond. It is doing quite well and should flower whenever the weather becomes warmer.

Sorry if I am not answering your questions directly:p These bulbs I got from those packaged Wal-Mart bulbs. Not all of them grew; some didn't make it and rotted. I still have some more growing in the small 'nursery' tank where I put all the extra plants and cuttings. It is open-spaced, with the light being 3-4 inched above. I will keep you posted if the lilies in here flowers. Sorry to have digressed so much:)

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