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How long can beneficial bacteria stay alive in a canister with NO oxygen?

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I have been without power for 5 days now, thanks to hurricane Ike.

I have 3 canister filters that have been turned off this entire time.

Is there any chance the nitrifying bacteria is still alive inside the canisters or is it all dead by now? Keep in mind that these canisters are full of water that's not moved for 5 days now so they have not received any oxygen in all that time.

What are the odds that any of the bacteria is still alive?
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Hang in there! A lot of prayers are going out to you guys! IMHO I would hold my breath and dump/ hose the filters out, I unplugged a small internal filter and removed it about a week later. The smell just about knocked me off of my feet:scared:

Is there anyway you can set up a small bucket/rubbermaid outside to put a few plants in? You might be able to save some plants by making a temporary pond, and letting some access to sunlight. It won't be pretty, but hopefully you could save enough different kinds of stock to fill in your aquarium once power comes back.
That really does suck! When power comes back I can send you some ugly sagittaria sub. I only have ugly plants right now:retard:, but fast growers have their uses. I really think you guys/gals affected by the storm are in for a shock, a lot of APC members are ready to send plants, and there are a lot of members on APC! A little bit from everyone willing will go a long way.
I guess I won't send you ugly plants then...oh well, your loss.....[-X Some how I get the feeling you will be just fine! :rofl:
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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