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How long to blackout Cladophora?

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Hi, I thought I had eradicated cladophora in all my tanks, but two spots popped up in two of my tanks. Previously i used 10x doses (5ml / gallon) of 2.5% glutaraldehyde (excel) to kill it off. It was seriously -bad- before and I'd repeat, but I added some plants to the tanks that are not tolerant of excel in those doses.

I'd like to try a blackout. Like, black trashbags and blankets. How long should I leave it on? The moss that got infected by it that I'm trying to salvage will die from the excel, so I'd like to try another method. If the moss dies with a blackout too... then such is life.
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I don't think a blackout would help much. I'd be inclined to remove as much by hand (an old toothbrush is pretty good for this) as possible & resume glutaraldehyde treatment, but at a 1mL/gallon. It will take longer, but your moss should be able to handle that, at least longer than the algae...

If the clado is pretty localized, you could dose some of the excel by pouring it onto a piece of filter floss or a little bit of spongy material and rubbing down the offending areas, or just lodge it in the area so the Excel will be a little more concentrated there (for a whiel, anyway).
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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