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For anyone that's curious, 3 days of changing water with 5ml/gallon of glutaraldehyde and stirring the water thoroughly to reach areas with low water flow will eradicate it successfully... I had tried to put in a piece of fissidens that I didn't want to lose that had clado on it (I didn't treat it because I thought I'd kill it...). Also, make sure to thoroughly rinse fish off at least twice before adding them to a tank...

So the only treatment that I know will often kill the host plants that you want to save and it'll wipe out fish and snails.

At least the particular strain I have. Anyone want some?
I think my clado is related to your clado. :(
This thread was disheartening to read, as I've been battling it in my 24 gallon for approaching 6 months. Just when i think i have it beat back, it pops up on a new species of plants. And now I find out fish can carry it...
I think I'll just go back to my usual routine of pretending the hour I spend each week plucking it off plants is a zen exercise.

Quick question: Has anyone used flag fish to fight it?
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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