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How long to blackout Cladophora?

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Hi, I thought I had eradicated cladophora in all my tanks, but two spots popped up in two of my tanks. Previously i used 10x doses (5ml / gallon) of 2.5% glutaraldehyde (excel) to kill it off. It was seriously -bad- before and I'd repeat, but I added some plants to the tanks that are not tolerant of excel in those doses.

I'd like to try a blackout. Like, black trashbags and blankets. How long should I leave it on? The moss that got infected by it that I'm trying to salvage will die from the excel, so I'd like to try another method. If the moss dies with a blackout too... then such is life.
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I also don't think a blackout would help. That one is tougher than most and you may just end up giving it a boost. Manual removal, Excel and better flow help. I got rid of it merely by adjusting the amount of phosphate I was adding (a bit too much). It's hard to shake because the conditions that make it thrive are similar to those that are good for plants. But not exactly the same...
If it's the kind that doesn't really attach to stuff, then flag fish will devour it. After that, maybe your plants. :(
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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