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How many more Tetra's?

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I've got a 29g Bowfront, with a pennplex 100g canister filter (yeah i know, overdone), lightly planted (with some moss from Davemonkey and some HC coming soon) current inhabitants are

3 sailfin creamscicle mollies
1 silver molly
1 black molly
5 neon tetras
5 cherry barbs
4 otos
and one lonely snail.

I want more neon tetra's but i dont wanna overstock my tank. How many more do you think i can get?

pic following!

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Given that it's a planted tank, I would feel comfortable with another 5-6 neons if it were my tank.
Thats pretty much what I was thinking too. Thanks Dave!
I agree, another 6 or so Neon's would be fine and give you a much nicer effect.

The tank looks nice!
Thanks! its all grown in and i added some moss and HC. I should probably start a journal thread soon :p
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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