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I'm just wondering how many of you guys dose KH2PO4 to your tank?

  • Dose it to keep it around 1,5-2

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spituch said:
2 pm Po4 from h2po4 - All per Tom Barr's recommendations.
Tom Barr calls for PO4 range 0.4-1.0ppm

I think a lot of us learned that having 1ppm,2ppm or even 3ppm of PO4 is not as "deadly" as per previous myth.

I wouldn't state the question the way you did. Having 1.5-2ppm is not "universal" formula and has to be tweaked depending on your fishload, fish feeding and NO3 consumption. If your NO3 is creeping up, add more PO4 to help "digest" NO3.
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