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How many Spiral CF's for high light tank?

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ok I've decided to build a light hood for my 10 gallon tank using CF spirals. I would like
this tank to be high light. Well at least high enough to grow crystal wort.

How many 26 watt CF spirals will I need to get that much light on the 10 gallon? Seems like
2 would be enough, but I'm sure there are other factors involved.

All comments are welcome!

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I have eight 26W bulbs over a 46g bowfront. The DIY reflector is poor at best. I can't grow HC very well but all but the most demanding stem plants do fine and color up beautifully.

If you really want high-light, you might want to push for 3 bulbs if they'll fit. Also, there are probably better, more efficient options available.
I've got two 13 watt screw-in CFs in the hood over my 10 gallon tank, and I'm sure it would qualify for low to medium light. I'm growing some Hygrophila corymbosa that I got from a guy who grows it in a large high tech tank, and the stems on the stuff were like pencils. They are now much more slender, and the leaves are somewhat smaller.

If I had a wooden hood built, I'd upgrade by adding another two 13 watt bulbs. I'm sure, as the last poster suggested, that there are more efficient ways to go, in terms of light per watt expended. For me, though, right now, the "dollars expended up front" is a higher priority item. :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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