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I have a the same 24" Coralife unit running on a 20H. While it does okay, it doesn't do good or great. This unit is a Normal Output t-5 unit. I also hate the way the bulbs are so very close together - a nightmare when they burned out and I had to replace them!!!! (I'm a lady too, with small hands!!!!) I will not ever purchase another one of these.

For my own 29g I went with a Current fixture:
Current USA Nova Extreme 30" 2x24W T-5 10,000K - Freshwater

Although I don't have it set up yet. (I'm moving this tank out of my south facing window so it will then need a fixture.) I do own two other Current light fixtures and am very happy with those. So, I'm guessing this one will perform as well.

Just like my 20H, the 29g is 18" deep. I'd try to get as close to 2wpg as possible to do well w/ most medium light plants.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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