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That may sound like a dumb question but the for the last 10 days I've been having a hard time with a 240 gal. tank.

My 180 gal tank certainly uses less than 4 bubbles per second and the pH is 6.6 with KH of 4.

In that 240 gals. tank we have 4 bubbles per second the pH can't get below 7. There is a reactor in the tank that disolves virtually all the CO2 - no bubbles escape the reactor. There is no turbulent surface movement of the water in the tank. At present the KH is 5.

What bubble rate should we expect?

It may be important to mention that we got the KH to be 5 only after 4 water changes using RO water. Each water change was at least 50% of the tank volume. The initial KH was 16, GH =11, and pH=7.8.

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