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How Much Flow?

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I'm coming from the saltwater reef hobby where it was all about water flow/movement, and lots of it. How much flow do you have in a planted tank? I was planning on having my return water go through a four way valve that rotates the output out of four separate outlets, one at each corner of the tank, providing random currents. Would something like this also be benificial to the plants as well? Do you guys use powerheads as well to move the water around? Please give some examples of pump sizes versus tank size, etc. THanks in advance.
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I just added an HK-2 to my 70 gal. planted tank and really like it. They offer a mini, HK-1, up to an HK-5 I think. I'm happy with the amount of flow I get from the HK-2.
I take it you are refering to the Hydor Koralia series of powerheads? I was looking at the controller they have for the new 12V lineup. It would be cool to hook up two and have the alternating flow, with one at either end of the tank.
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