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I've heard it's possible to overdose with Jobes and other gravel sticks. How much would be too much and what can it do to the plant?

Also just thought of something I've been wondering about. Will adding too much of ferts via liquid lead to algae? Is it possible to overdose liquids and, again, what kind of effects will this have?

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If you overdose the Jobe sticks you will leak the elements into the water column creating high nitrate and phosphate. Obviously this can create an algea issue. I know because I did this about 6 months ago. My tank is just now recovering from the overdose. What I did is place a stick about every three inches on the entire substrate, before planting. Even where there was no plants. I am just now getting my phosphates down below 2ppm. Just break the sticks up and place them under the heavy growers. What kind of plants do u plan to use them for?

The same would go for the liquid ferts. If you plan on fertilizing be prepared to test your water parameters regularly. If you overdose algae will tank hold and u will be sorry. A couple of fertilizing systems are Tom Barr's Estimative Index and the PPS system(Perpetual Preservation System). They both can work, depending on your preferences. Good luck!

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NO3 and PO4 play no role really with algae and the jobes sticks.

It's Urea and NH4 exclusively. Read the label on the package, it's loaded with NH4. Urea is quickly reduced to NH4 in water.

These cause algae like nothing else, not high levels of PO4 or NO3.

I've dosed 2ppm of PO4, no algae, I've dosed 75ppm of NO3, no algae.
I've dosed both togehter, no algae.

I add a little bit of NH4, I get algae, I add a jobes stick to the water column, I get algae.

These are very repeatable test anyone can do.

It's very important to distingush between NO3 and NH4 when dealing with fertilizers.

NH4=> Bad
NO3=> Good

NH4 cannot be pulled up into the water column or you will get algae, even 2-3 months later, the jobes sticks can be pulled up and cause all sorts of problem for folks. I do not suggest folks use them unless they are extremely careful.

Tom Barr
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