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I been using small doses of Flourish fertilizers in my tank, and using doses for the specific signs of the problems I been having but it doesn't seem to be working..

Brazilian Pennywort:
Looked allot worse before and I had brown algae spots, but I gave it a 60 second bleach dip a week ago and the brown spot are gone now, but as you see in the picture there is issues that I can't figure out..
They looked perfect when I first bought them.

Italian Vallisneria:
Another 60 to 90 second bleach dip when I first bought them to kill off any algae residue before I planted them into my tank 10 days ago. As you can see they are not looking good at all.
The filter is not in that location, I moved it for a few Min's to clean the glass. The grass in never in contact with the filter.

These plants are from a different pet store about 2+ weeks ago. I did nothing to these at all, just took them out of the bag and planted them and they are doing fine.

Any suggestion on what I should do about my plants that are not doing so good?

Here's the water test results of what I got a couple days ago:

PH 7.0
Nitrate 0
Nitrate 5
Phosphate 0.3
GH 90mg per liter, I guess thats how they measure it?

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I do about a 85% recommended dose for my tank size about 2 to 3 times per week and 1/2 cap full of Excel every 2 to 3 days.
I have most the collection of flourish fertilizers and use each one about once or twice a week but no more than 2 or 3 products in one day.
I'm not trying to get my plants use to fertilizers, but I do want small amounts of nutrients in the tank for them and I'm trying to keep my algae at a minimum.

I got 4 bags of Fluorite and 7 bottles of flourish product for $25 :)
So I didn't go out and pay for all these fertilizers is why I use only a little and don't know which types they are off hand.
I been asking some pet stores what the use in there display tanks for fertilizers and they said nothing at all, just light and fish.. So I should not have to dose my tank that much at all if it's not really needed I would think.

I really have no set fertilizer schedule, and at $10+ per bottle, this will get to expensive!
so I just like to add a little bit each dose.
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