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Flourish Excel is the best thing ever for killing BBA.

When I have it, I dose the recommended amount on the bottle for adding carbon to your tank every couple days and within a week the BBA is red or white. Usually in 2-3 weeks, it is gone.

I love Flourish Excel, but not because it makes my plants grow but because it kills BBA.

People say to increase your CO2 to kill it. It's never worked for me.

Good Luck,
(I have no affiliation to Seachem)

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You can try the Excel method, I might work and with such low light, I think you are in line.
You can also add CO2 but that gets into some more involvement.

Light is fine, You need to stop the water changes, top off for evaporation only.

Also, a good substrate is a key part of a good non CO2 plant tank, onyx sand is good and most cichlids look good with it.

Some cichlids dig, hopefully yours don't.

I'd get a nice substrate, stop doing water changes, maybe if you add excel etc you can.

Generally the goal is fish waste=> plant growth for export in these tanks with little if any dosing.

Water change after big prunings, uprooting etc only.

Tom Barr
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