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I think someone's got their bulbs mixed up. The 9325K bulb from GE, also known as the GE AquaRays and now re-branded under the All-Glass name is actually available in several sizes, pretty much all the sizes All-Glass uses in their fixtures. My LFS has the 32W T8 and I got Pets Plus to order T12 tubes for me a couple weeks ago. I also have several smaller AquaRays in the 15W range.

Also, they are nothing like a 10000K bulb, and certainly don't have the slightest tint of blue. Their spectrum includes a strong peak in the red so these bubls actually appear closer to a lower kelvin than anything else.

Remember, spectrum and kelvin are two entirely different things and should not be mixed up at all. Two bulbs with the same kelvin rating can have entirely different spectrums. Further, the kelvin has very little to do with plant growth, spectrum is what you want to be thinking.

Here's the spectral output of the GE AquaRays:

And here's the specs of the T12 bulb from the GE catalog:

Call All-Glass to know where to buy these bulbs from.

Hope that helps
Giancarlo Podio
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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