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How to make it look a bit neater....

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Very nice-got goal number 1-the plants did grow, and they are aquascaped to some extent, but it is still a bit sloppy. Sorry about the darkness-and note that banana plant is no longer there(in the pond).

Some things I want to change:

Remove H corymbosa augustifolia stand which is being choked out by the elodea and replace it with all the Najas that is floating around.

Either find a way to trim the java moss foreground low or try something else.

I will post other thoughts as they come.
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One of the main problems with this tank looking 'sloppy' it is way overdue for a pruning. All those stem plants need to be more carefully tended, at least for the sake of their own health.

A java moss foreground would be nice and would be appreciated by your swordtails.

Personally, I would also remove the floating Pistia (?) or concentrate it into one corner. Even if it does aim to make the aquarium look natural, the plant is far too large for this size aquarium. Perhaps replace it with some Limnobium or Phyllanthus, if you really want to keep a floating plant as these are much smaller in size.

I hope others will chime in,

Yes, the elodea has been trimmed down. Not to sure if I should leave the hygrophila or not.

Yeah, that was pistia, and it has been removed. I'd love to be able to use phyllanthus or limnobium, but can't find any.

Another aspect seems to be that the plants tend to find there way around the tank pretty easily.

I'll have to take an update pic, which is still a bit sloppy.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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