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i have a 500 liter tank
100% planted
90% of RO water and 10% tap water
with 6XT5 54 Watt each
Temp 24 C
25% water change ones a week with RO water

i want to try this pps system.

on my calculation, i need:
18ml per day (mix is 4tbsp of plantex csm + 1tsp of boric acid for 1500ml RO water)
18ml per day (mix is 3.6tbsp of kno3 + 1.2tbsp of kh2po4 + 2.6tbsp of kcl for 1500ml RO water)

1. how i make solution for the FERROUS GLUCONATE, and how much to dose per day?
2. how i make solution for the mgso4 and cacl2, and how much to dose per day?

3. can some one tell me if my calc for TE & SS are right?

thanks you all.

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I think your KH2PO4 may be too high but here is an easy formula:

In 1 liter bottle:
59 grams K2SO4 (Potassium Sulfate)
65 grams KNO3 (Potassium Nitrate)
6 grams KH2PO4 (Mono Potassium Phosphate)
41 grams MgSO4 (Magnesium Sulfate)(I believe this should be MgSO4*7H2O)
Fill with distilled water and shake well. Let sit overnight.

Micro Solution

In 1 liter bottle:
80 grams of CSM+B or equivalent trace element mix
Fill with distilled water and shake well. Let sit overnight.

Dose 1 ml of each solution per ten gallons of tank size. Dose prior to lights turning on.

It comes from this PPS link:

I know this requires the use of a scale but my feeling is that if you are going to use powerful chemicals in your aquarium you need some control on what you put in.

BTW From my personal experience you should invest in a potassium test kit. K can be a lot higher or lower than you think if you don't test for it.

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thanks for your reply.

i dont have K2SO4 i use KCL insted.
the amounts are the same?

i use RO water, so what about Calcium (i have cacl2) how to make and dose that?


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I don't use PPS and never have, but I have read a lot of posts here from people who are very pleased with their use of it. So, I don't think it is accurate to call the solutions "worthless". I don't know if Wö£fëñxXx EI solutions are better, the same, or not as good. But, I suspect once you learn how to adapt any of the fertilizing methods you can get good results with it. It isn't an exact science.

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If your gH is 14 deg. you have plenty of Ca and probably Mg as well. If you check your water for Mg and find you already have plenty you can drop the additional MgSO4.


PPS will increase your Mg
41gm/1000ml *1ml / 10gal /3.7845(L/gal) * 1000(mg/gal) * 24.3 (gm Mg )/246.5(gm MgSO4*7H2O) = 0.107 mg Mg / L = 0.107 ppm.

This will increase you gH :
0.107 ppm *100 (gm CaCO4) / 24.3 (gm Mg) /14.7 (ppm/deg) = 0.0299 deg. which is not significant with your gH already at 14 deg

If you use KCl instead of K2SO4 then you need to use:

59 gm /174.3 (gm K2SO4) * 2 * 75.6 (gm KCl) = 51 gm KCl

You don't need to use ferrous gluconate with this formula.

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what is the problem with mg? the plants need it, no?
what about the calcium?
I dose Tropica Master Grow which has some mg in it. Otherwise I dont have any need to add calcium or magnesium and I am using RO/DI water. I feel comfortable making that statement now that Ive ran a tank on AquaSoil and know its not my Eco Complete.

I stand by my comment that PPS solutions are worthless. Great idea worthless solutions. :biggrin:
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