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Welcome to the club:) Notice I am not around as much as I used to be:( from my experience yoou just learn to deal with it after a while, also, after you are in the hobby for a bit you learn more and things get a litle easier, for me atleast. On thing I find is that I can afford cooler plants and fish now;) THats always a plus. I, fortunately am a night owl so I get alot of my netting and research stuff in at night. I am pretty busy actually, between work and a girlfriend that lives 30 minutes away I don't get a lot of free time. I find myself saying, "Oh, I have 15 minutes to spare, I should change my water" Thats what I just did in fact, I had a half hour to kill after work so now I changed my water and am on APC.

I find that i tend to have one high maintence tank and the rest a little easier, lower light, no CO2, wc's every 2-3 weeks. Stuff like that. Funny thing is I am starting to like my anubias/crypt tank better. Never any algae, fert balancing, CO2 checking....

I would not give up the high tech one though though. I like to be challenge, I like the fast paced "lifestyle" of it. I might set up another one soon as an expiramental tank. Sort of a tank to have tons of different species and learn alot about all of them(collectoritis) one thing that comes wiht a better job, better toys:)

Hang in there Sir-black. You will learn to manage it all. Heck, many of us go through periods where we are to busy, it sucks but thats life. Don't feel guilty if you can't always be around here, we'll all understand:)

I figure there will be even more time to enjoy it when I retire in 50 years:)
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