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Thanks for the Tutorial, a few FAOs...for you

Thanks G, for writing this up, I just found it.

Now I understand how to add and post images on APC hosting site. Very useful.


Quick question: While viewing through some threads, I see some photos are water marked "hosted by Aquatic Plant Central" while others are not. Why is that?
For example: the water mark on this photo in
I've test posted one of my APC hosted photos, and it didn't have the watermark. So just curious on why, since it is a hosted APC photo.

Second Question: When uploading, how come only a few usernames are listed underneath "User Personal Gallery" pull down for the category section. I understand that selecting the category "User Personal Gallery" will stick the image into my gallery "John N.", but it took me awhile since, I was looking for my Name in the pull come some people are listed in the pull down, while others are not?

Third Question: Can we delete images that we've uploaded?

Thanks in advance,

-John N.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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