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Good question Able,

But what if it is too big to fit in a bucket?

I have this piece of oak,
it's about 7 inches in diameter and about 30 inches long.
It's completly hollow, with a couple of ways to get to the inside, from the ends and from the center branch tip.

I'm thinking of using it in my 55 gal tank with a complete change of plants, something like a stream bed with some tall growing Vals behind it and some Crypts and maybe some twisted Val in front of it, using some round beach pebbles and a sand substrate.

I was thinking of taking it to the self service spray car wash and blasting it with water (no soap) in side and out, and then soaking it in a plastic 40 gallon trash can for a few weeks changing the water every couple of days.



1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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