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Finally, i have all the test kits in hand which includes pH,kH,gH,NO3 and PO4.

i searched through the forum but i could not find anything regarding this issue.

Firstly,how should i go about testing for how much supplements i need to the tank?? or to find out if i have an equilibrium.

For example,
1.test water before change?? 50% water change??
3.test water after change??
4.test water daily before and after lighting hours??
5.if reading going below margin,then add needed dosage to maintain margin??

Secondly, do i need to dose Potassium and Micros as usual??

Well,after browsing through the forum,this is what is conclude for my marginal desired levels.

pH : 6.6

kH : 4 dkH

gH : having problems with this one as i've tried with my AP kit on my tap water and i still dont see any slight change to green colour even after 40 drops so i stopped (is this bad??)

CO2 : 25-30ppm (the worst i got was 30ppm before lights and 8ppm after lights @ kH 4 @ 24/7 - 1bps) should i do something about it or the levels are fine??

NO3 : 10 ppm (is this correct if i would like to keep my nitrates low for redness in rotala indica/rotundifolia and rotala walichii???)

PO4 : 2 ppm

K+ : 20 ppm (sufficient??? as i'm afraid that it would be depleted too fast and i worried the risk of having Ca problems - although not proven)

Micros (measuring in terms of Fe) : 0.6 ppm per week

i'm still learning to get my levels right.

Thanks ahead.
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