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Hi all,

Even though I have only been on this forum for less than a month, I have a few ideas that might help others in the future that may come here, and even get more people to enjoy this forum as well.

I am a member of at least 4-5 forums that I visit on a daily basis. One of my favorite is the forum for my 1990 Nissan 300zx car (that I cherish dearly :D). In that forum, there is an Installations/How-to's section to help members fix things like electrical shorts, engine cleaning, washing the body, even simple stuff as oil changes.

I have been through the DIY Aquarium Project section, but those are mostly questions that people ask when their DIY does not work or having problems. When I first got this aquarium bug, I was hoping to go into the DIY and learn a lot of stuff to help 'start-up and build' my tank right away. However, it was extremely hard for me to do so. All I basically found was how to do the DIY CO2 from a 2L bottle. I was hoping for more like- setting the substrate, planting, easy water changes, setting how long light timers should be, building filtrations, etc. (secrets of the planted aquarium trade :rolleyes:).... I searched through that section (DIY Aquarium Projects) for an hour but it was not as helpful as I hoped it would be, jsut a lot of questions from other users.

So yeah, enough of my rambling, what do you (members & moderators) think of a section where it's an actual write up of how to do things? I know some things are straight forward, but to some members (especially newbies like myself), it is not as 'straight forward' as it is to others!

Maybe not a complete whole new section, maybe a rule to put "HOW TO" in the Title of the thread to help distinguish it as a real "DIY AQUARIUM PROJECT" instead of a question relating to a DIY aquarium project.

Thanks for reading! oh yeah, HAPPY TET! (Lunar New Year!)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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