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Howdy from Texas!

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Hi! I'm new to the forum but not to the hobby. I have been a hobbyist for over 22 years. I have had a love for living plants since that first fishbowl that started it all. I was digging plants out of creeks and ditches to make my guppies at home! (In the process, I introduced mosquito larvae and tiger beetle larvae into the same tank.) My long suffering mother took it all in stride and washed gallon jars for me to add to my collection of 'aquariums'. My next birthday saw a five gallon, stainless framed, tank and hood with a small air pump and a corner filter. I was cookin' with this high teck.

Today I am getting older and down sizing my efforts. I breed Pseudomugils, South American Annual Killifish, and mouthbrooder specie bettas. Each tank is planted even if with only java moss. Each tank has a purpose and many are planted in flower pots rather than in normal substrata. Only a couple of the larger tanks have 'normal' substrata. See my profile for typical description. I also don't go in for large tanks! 40 to 50 gallons are almost too big for me to mess with. I pay with various combination of mixes for my subs. Pots and trays are great for that. I also am beginning to grow some plants in a quasi-emergent fashion.

I am here to learn from the gurus of the hobby. I pref ere a low cost - low tech solution that I can build. :nerd:
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Howdy right back to you! What part of TX are you from? I'm in the DFW area. Do you belong to any of the aquatic plant clubs?

Love to see some of your tanks. Px. please?
Welcome back. Wow, what's with this hobby and Texas? There seems to be too many of them in the state of Texas. Does it have anything with the food there? :cool:
Welcome to APC. I too am in Texas and favor the smaller planted tanks for my various betta species. I do have to admit to a 40G lightly planted with 3 pairs of Angels and also my favorite tank of the moment- 20L with another pair of angels.
Gonna rub it in. Today it's 75 in DFW area in TX.

JanS - come visit me! :D
Welcome to APC, Silverbinder :D ... I'm sure will have a lot of advice to give with your many years of experience. That was great that your mother was so supportive in the earlier years.
I pref ere a low cost - low tech solution that I can build. :nerd:
RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! You have approximately five days before you will be infected with the fatal HTPAS bug. Once you get it, there's no help for you. Quick, before it's too late! (HTPAS= High Tech Planted Aquarium Syndrome. ICD-9 136.9):icon_hang
:welcome: Always good to have another Texan aboard. Would like to see pics of the plants in flower pots in the tanks.
Welcome! Lots of great people and info here. Looking forward to possible px of your tanks.
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