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Howzit (form South Africa)

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Hi every one

I'm Phillip AKA; the philfarm:cool:

I'm into the planted side of the addiction and keep mainly, Discus, Rams, corys and tetras, although I cant resist a novelty ;)
I started fish keeping about a year ago and haven't looked back since...

Hopefully this forum will give me a chance to share knowledge, ideas and our passion for the hobby, so I'm looking foward to it...

The main reason I joined is to get an Idea of how "other" people do things, In South Africa the selection of flora and fauna is VERY restricted so the hobby hasn't really taken off yet, as a result there are often unanswered questions...

Here is a pic of my main tank:

And here is one of my koi pond:

look forward to hearing from you guys:yawinkle:

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Hey there Philfarm

Im also from South Africa, where about do you stay?

Ive also been in the hobby for about a year, worked in a fish store for a while, and no matter how hard i try i cant find a good ground cover! do you have the same prob? It feels like every store i walk into has exactly the same range of plants, its so disappointing.

I live in Joburg, and the only fish store that ive been into that impressed me was VIP pets in North Gate, and even they have a really poor range of plants. And nobody has anything interesting like shrimp or anything. Nothing you can do though, maybe the hobby is bigger on the coast...
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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