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Hey everyone, I'm doing a major trim on my show tank, and also thinning out my Endler tank. Here's what the tanks look like now:

My 20L show tank:

and a side shot of my 55 gallon Endler tank:

What I have from both tanks are some
Flame moss-----------$7.00 for a golfball size
Fisseden fontanus-------$8.00 for a golfball size
needle leaf Java fern--------$8.00 for 15 or so leaves/rhizome
a lot of HC---------4x4 patch $9.00
subwassertang--------4x4 patch $6.00
and Rotala indica---------20 stems $6.50
10 or so red Cherry shrimp-------$12.00 (I will include some java moss)
15 or so trios (1 male/2 female) of Lower sword Endlers---------$5.00 per trio (I will include some java moss)
some kind of other moss-maybe peacock or Christmass moss?--------$5.00 for a golfball size
-------FLAT $7.50 FOR SHIPPING---------

Here's a pic of the mystery moss:


I will have about this much Rotala:

A lot of Endlers!

If you're interested in combining any of the above just pm me, and we can work out a lower price. I'm not looking to gouge anyone here:) I just need to offload some stuff, and share the wealth with some fellow hobbyists:party: You can check out my feedback on aquabid if you want to. I'm skoslowski on there-yeah, I know-real creative:rolleyes:

Thanks peeps!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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