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HUGE trim, LOts for sale yellow shrimp, driftwood, java ferns

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__________________I have looked into my planted tanks and see that I must make some room !!!

I am doing a major rescape ,

I have - (package or sell individually )

1) L.aromatica ~ 15 stems ~ 15.00 12" stems !!
2) ricca about a 4x4 ~ 4.00
3) anacharis ~ 10 stems ~ 6.00 12" stems !!
4) java fern 4 to 5 " plant ~ 4.00 med plants I have about 5
5) java fern plantlets ~ 1.00 ~ I have 4 or 5
6) wisteria 3 huge stems ~ 8.00 are all atleast 12" high !! more with branches that come out !

shipping will be 6.00 and I do use ice paks (if needed) and stryo lined box,
will use usps and will take usps money order, I can also take revo money !!!!!!!

ALSO I HAVE YELLOW (ADULT)~ SHRIMP FOR SALE !! 10 ~ 40.00 SHIPPED! ( you just may get a preggo in this lot !!! )

all stems healthy ,
I will sell the plants in a package for 50.00 shipped !

the wisteria is very very branchy with huge stems and this portion alone will cover half or more of a 10 gallon tank !!! my 45 gallon is 3 watts per gallon and I use diy co2, and ferts, would be willing to do some trading , let me know I am looking for dry ferts, magnums, zoomed 501, or tom rapids, several nice plants .. just let me know what you have , and we can work somthing out.

some more plants I would like to sell are

1) huge java fern n driftwood ~~ 35.00 shipped

micro sword plant I have 2 pots full I will sell both for 6.00 + shipping, or combine w/ more plants
here is half of it

I also have duckweed I will sell a whole cup full for 3.00

med java fern plant lots of leaves !!

anacharis, and another pic of that huge java fern !! on wood

I would LOVE to sell this whole tank, yellow shrimp, atleast 35, all plants, wisteria, amazon swords, and some rotella stems, also some java moss, few other plants I cant remember right now, and a 5 gallon hex tank with light and filter included !!

5-10 gallon heaters 10.00 I have 3 for sale ! slightly used works great on nano tanks !1

l. aromatica as stated above I will be sending the whole plant NOT trimmings ~~

I also have 15 pcs of cholla wood, or pleco chews... will sell for 12.00 + shipping

most plants coming out of this tank , please ask any questions , and I will combine shipping and give discounts for several items bought . I will give you the actual ahipping charges, most should be 6.00, other than wood, and tanks. I have several other items for sale, like powerheads, just send me pm.
would like to start shipping sat sept. 6th ,

I will take revo money , and usps money orders. please pm for ALL questions . and mark here so I can keep up with who is 1st in line.
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pm replied, I am selling a few 5 gallon nano tanks, I have to sell all the shrimp, and plants 1st, then I will sell off equipment .
driftwood ......pending

L.armatica .....SOLD

pleco chews .. SOLD

micro sword .......SOLD

all other plants are still ready to ship ,
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