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Hy, from Memphis TN

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Opps, I accidentally posted my introduction in the wrong thread...Well anyway, hello, glad to be here. I am pretty new to planted tanks, but am enjoying learning and watching my plants grow. My most recent discovery has been algea grows fast under high lighting!!!! I am currently planning an algea cleanup crew. My tank is a 150 shallow. I have a pearl gourami, 2 kissers, a pair of bolivian rams and several livebearers in their now. my favorite plants that i have now are hygrophilla deformmis and anacharis, as they have been rewarding my efforts nicely so far. the next plants on my wishlist to try are frogbit and redroot floaters and some where down the road my goal is to successfully grow some riccia fluitans. well enough about me I cant wait to meet everyone and learn more about successfully growing my planted tank.
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Hi Amy,

Welcome to the forum. This is a great place and the help from the fellow hobbyists is tremendous. Everyone here is very helpful and I'm sure that you'll find this forum to be exceptional.

Like you, I'm new to the hobby and in the past 3 months I have learnt a tremendous amount here.

Good Luck and Welcome.

Welcome...glad you found us.

Algae seems to be a common problem among us planted aquarists. LOL.

Those kissers you have though are notorious for eating leaves of plants though. They may not fit in.

You say you have a 150 shallow...what exactly are the dimensions for the tank?
Nice to meet you. High light is a blessing and sometimes ... not so much! Love to see a px of your tank. :D
Welcome to APC!

Yup, the high light can pose a challenge algae wise, but it also makes for a lovely planted tank as things balance out. :)
thank you for the warm welcome.
tank demensions are 6'6"Lx24"Wx15"T.
So far the kissers are pretty good about just cleanin the plants, I do, however have to start new plants in a separate tank until they develope roots because the rams "playfulness" tends to distrupt them. I will hopefully be gettin some new pics for the gallery this weekend. I have some old ones but have since totally renovated, but i may just put some of the old ones too, jus to show my newbiness,lol!
Welcome to APC :wave: ... With high light make sure that you are dosing ferts & injecting C02 on a continous basis, this will help greatly with the algae.
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