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Are these Hydra?

How do I eradicate them safely? They are in my cherry shrimp breeding tank and currently only seem to be on the sponge filter in a small area.


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Yeah, search for Fluke Tabs. I think this is one of the treatments that is recommended, even though it does not list hydras,
The fluke tabs definitely work, but what about the shrimp? I'd have concerns that it might affect them too.
It sounds like larger gourami and mystery snails have an appetite for hydra, if you'd like a biological solution.

Yes, I'd much prefer a biological solution. The gourami's are out since they'll also eat the baby shrimp. Looks like mystery snails it is.
Hey Gnat,

Do I hear someone shouting for snails?


Knowing Vincent, he probably cooks up the Hydra & eats it :p
You might want to check on
I can't imagine my bridgesi snails eating anything alive. Some of the others types may though. Maybe Cannas, they are notorious pigs but they also eat live plants.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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