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Hydrogen Peroxide as snail egg killer?

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Hey all,

I'm thinking of transporting several of my plants into my new tank but don't want to take along the evil ramshorn snails that are chowing down on several of my plants. I'm thinking of doing a hydrogen peroxide dip before putting them in the new tank - i've read this kills snails and algae and may do the trick.

Does anyone have any experience with this technique? Any ideas how long I'd have to soak the plants before transplanting them?

Thanks all!
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I've read that copper can be highly toxic to shrimp - even at tiny levels. I've read that if you have ever used a copper treatment then you won't ever be able to keep shrimp in that tank. I don't know how true that is but it does seem like a big risk to take. Why not do the potassium permanganate treatment like NFrank suggested? It won't hurt your plants. It can dye fabrics and such so you will have to be extremely careful. You will also have to make sure you rinse well but it won't harm your tank forever. I wouldn't run it through my filter. You don't want to kill your good bacteria. They use it in ponds and such in nature. You can get small amounts on ebay and it's cheap.

If you don't want to go this rout why not just get some clown loaches and keep them in there for a while. When they have cleared them out for you trade them back to the LFS. That is what I would do. It's totally safe. They will however, eat the snail indiscriminately, but you can reintroduce the ones you like later.
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