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Hydrogen Peroxide as snail egg killer?

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Hey all,

I'm thinking of transporting several of my plants into my new tank but don't want to take along the evil ramshorn snails that are chowing down on several of my plants. I'm thinking of doing a hydrogen peroxide dip before putting them in the new tank - i've read this kills snails and algae and may do the trick.

Does anyone have any experience with this technique? Any ideas how long I'd have to soak the plants before transplanting them?

Thanks all!
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I too am a fan of the 4 or so different types of snails I have in my tank - only 1 of which was actually invited! But these particular Ramshorn snails are totally pigging out on completely healthy plant tissue. They seem to target the rotala, sunset hygro, vals, and the e.tenellus - which is more than 70% of my tank! If I leave for a few days I come back to chewed leaves covering almost the whole surface of my tank! I scoop out the snails whenever I see them but I travel alot and am not around to keep up with their population explosion! Unlike the other snails, whose populations change depending on how much algae there is and how much I feed my fish, these snails eat the plants aggressively and haven't slowed their breeding. So, I have decided to try to get rid of them. I'm going to take all my fish and a bunch of the snails that I like and put them in the new tank - then I'll do the copper treatment on the old tank before transporting any plants.

I'm not sure what kind of ramshorn snails i have but they are not doing me ANY favors whatsoever, and they are breeding like crazy! I'm curious to know what they do for your tanks that they aren't doing for mine?
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Tex gal,

Thanks for that info - I will definitely go with your suggestion. I don't have any shrimp but I might want some in the future!

I also think the clown loach option is good but I have vowed not to get anymore fishes. I recently had a problem with fish diseases that were expensive and a pain to get rid of. Luckily my guppies breed like crazy so I will never run out of new fish.
Hmmmm I was just reading about potassium permanganate, and it is not effective if there is a high organic load. Has anyone with an el natural used this in their tank before with success?

Also, there are warnings not to mix it with sulphuric acid. Are there any small quantities of naturally occuring sulphuric acid in the soil of an el natural. I'm worried about the odd sulphur-smelling gas bubble that comes up from the soil from time to time.

Thanks for the advice - nothing online said anything about the manganese, so thanks for passing that on! If I had been really smart I would have done the PP dip before I put the new plants in my tank! Hopefully only invited snails will make it into my new tank. If not I'll have to figure out what to bait them with....
Squash - who knew! I tried blanched spinach, and zucchini and they were not interested so I will go with squash next time!

I would never have thought of sliced orange - I would have thought it was too acidic for the tank. Do you blanch it first? How much do you use?

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