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Hydrogen Peroxide as snail egg killer?

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Hey all,

I'm thinking of transporting several of my plants into my new tank but don't want to take along the evil ramshorn snails that are chowing down on several of my plants. I'm thinking of doing a hydrogen peroxide dip before putting them in the new tank - i've read this kills snails and algae and may do the trick.

Does anyone have any experience with this technique? Any ideas how long I'd have to soak the plants before transplanting them?

Thanks all!
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I agree with nFrank; you would need concentrated peroxide to not only kill the snails but even more challenging would be to have the peroxide to eat away the mucus haboring said eggs.

Your best bet is to dose with copper in your tank to get rid of snails, but it will kill all invertbrates in there as well. I would leave it alone; snails (while a bit annoying) do not eat plant leaves that are healthy and do more good than harm.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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