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Hygro/Floaters/Elatine Triandra

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Elatine Triandra - SOLD
Hygro bold 4 small stems - SOLD
Hygro corymbosa'Siamensis' - SOLD
Hygro Polysperma 8 stems - $5 (2 portions available)
Frogbit - $2
Red Root floater sample - $1.50

Shipping is $8 (includes 72hr heatpack + tracking)

**** as photo shows ET is a rooted portion. It may contain some spirogyra but since one will be picking through the bush to break up the stems removal shouldnt be a problem**

===Even though I am shipping with heatpack I wont be responsible for any lost or damaged packages/plants. Make sure someone is home to get the package on delivery===

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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