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I bought these two plants from a hobbyist. On the list they gave me it shows I got hygrophila corymbosa and angustifolia but I am not sure which is which. They were grown emersed when I received them and now they have fully transformed to aquatic version.

The first two pictures are of one of the hygrophilas, which has longer leaves than the other and has more branching stems at the base.
Plant Terrestrial plant Arecales Grass Flower

Plant Terrestrial plant Automotive lighting Leaf vegetable Groundcover

Pictures 3 & 4 are of the other species. Leaves are smaller and have some red to them. They are closer to the light so I don’t know if that is impacting the color. Stems grew more straight up without branching.
Plant Terrestrial plant Groundcover Grass Flowering plant

Terrestrial plant Twig Tints and shades Flowering plant Monochrome photography

Picture of the tank they are in. Conditions are the same except for the one in the back (more colorful one) is getting more light.
Property Plant Nature Rectangle Leaf

Plant Purple Rectangle Botany Wood

I appreciate any thoughts you guys may have or if you even think these are corymbosa and angustifolia or something else.


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