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HYGROPHILA POLYSPERMA is not doing well, dwindles.

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At first the plant was doing fine, looking great and green. But after a few months it started to lose bottom leaves, the remaining ones turned yellow(ish) and spotted. All I have left of it is bits and pieces floating around or hanging on to remaining roots. Stems and few small leaves on them.
Other plants seem to be OK at the same time.
Please help.
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In another post, you said your Vallisneria was dying. Is your H. polysperma dying in the same tank your Val is dying in? There has to be something seriously wrong. Something toxic. What are the other plants that are doing all right?
I have an Echinodorus medium large size, and dwarf Java moss whicch are doing fine. Also a have two small Sagittarias that look well but don't seem to grow or propagate. They've been like this for a year.
Since you are having some issues with 2 types of plants it would be to fill in the the advicereqested template. Wiht out some basic knowlege ofv what we are working with there is no way to offer good advice.

Please see
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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