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Hygrophila Sp. 'Araguaia- Which is which?

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I have two plants that came from the same seller. I have px'd them below. It occurred to me that this may be the same name. The only name difference is the word 'Rio' inserted in front of Araguaia in plant two. They are in the same tank right beside each other. The plants are different. Leaves are of similar size and shape.

Plant one
Hygro sp 'Araguaia' Dark red/purple. Thin leaves.

Plant two
Hygro sp. 'Rio Araguaia'

You can see the other plant at the base of this one.
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The first one is definitely the plant called Hygrophila sp. 'Araguia'. The second? I'm not sure what Hygrophila it is. It's not an impossibility that they're both called 'Araguia' and could be from the same general area. It really underscores the fact that these trade names - if that's what we can call them - are merely place holders until we figure out what they really are. I wish I could be more helpful in the meantime.
Thanks Cavan. I really appreciate it. I guess I'll just pass it on as 'Rio Araguia' (I noticed the different spelling. I will use your version of spelling. I have had the other spelling on a Rotala, and both these Hygros. I will change it).
Better hold off on that. Your spelling is correct.
Better hold off on that. Your spelling is correct.
LOL, too funny! [smilie=l:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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