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It usually depends on what plants you have, as some are a lot more sensitive. I know for a fact that it can very easily kill off riccia, while other plants do fine.

I researched it a bit and came up with the following formula:

Hearty plant only, no fish - 1oz per 5g
Not as hearty and/or with fish - 1oz per 12g
Sensitive plants & fish - 1oz per 20g. Otos, snails & shrimp, this might even be too much for riccia.

If you're not sure, I'd start with 1/2oz per 20g and see how all your plants respond, then work the dose up. Don't rely on it as an overall cure for algae, but it works to get rid of some types of algae quicky, then you can work to get your nutrients in balance for long-term results.

It worked great to weaken my BGA, then a full dosing of Maracyn finished it off completely, while either of them failed when used by themselves.

Disclaimer: I'm no expert on it ;)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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